Cover image for Storey's guide to raising beef cattle : health, handling, breeding / Heather Smith Thomas ; foreword by Baxter Black, DVM.
Storey's guide to raising beef cattle : health, handling, breeding / Heather Smith Thomas ; foreword by Baxter Black, DVM.
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Guide to raising beef cattle

Beef cattle

Raising beef cattle

4th edition.
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North Adams, MA : Storey Publishing, [2018]

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viii, 308 pages : color illustrations ; 25 cm.
Breeds and genetics : an overview -- Handling and behavior of beef cattle -- Issues in buying and selling -- General guidelines for raising beef cattle -- Pasture, fencing and facilities -- Feeding cattle -- Keeping cattle healthy -- Growing and breeding heifers -- Care of the pregnant cow -- Calving -- Care of the newborn calf -- Calf health -- Weaning the calves -- Rebreeding.
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Whether a farmer is raising one cow or a herd, Storey's Guide to Raising Beef Cattle is the most reliable reference for ensuring a successful, healthy cattle operation. In this fully updated, full-color fourth edition, long-time cattle rancher and author Heather Smith Thomas explains every aspect of bovine behavior and provides expert guidance on breed selection, calving, feeding, housing, pasture, and health care. Along with in-depth information on raising grass-fed animals, there is also advice on creating a viable business plan and identifying niche markets for selling beef.

Table of Contents

Baxter Black, DVM
Forewordp. ix
1 Breeds and Genetics: An Overviewp. 1
Choosing Beef Cattle
Breeds and Types of Beef Cattle
Which Type Is Best?
Inheritance of Traits
Crossbreeding and Hybrid Vigor
Selecting for Certain Characteristics
2 Handling and Behavior of Beef Cattlep. 23
Basic Cow Psychology
Grazing Behavior
Training Cattle
Moving Cattle
Avoiding Injury
3 Issues in Buying and Sellingp. 35
Buying a Weaned Calf to Raise for Beef
Buying Calves at Auction
Buying from a Farmer
Buying a Heifer
What Makes a Good Beef Cow?
Buying Pregnant Heifers or Cows
Buying Open Yearlings
Marketing Cattle
Dealing with Shrink
Getting Cattle Ready for Market
4 General Guidelines for Raisin Beef Cattlep. 53
Understanding Your Calf's Behavior
Care for the Weaned Calf
Winter Care of the New Calf
Summer Care of the Yearling
The End Product: Beef
Feeds and Finishing
5 Pasture, Fencing, and Facilitiesp. 63
Pastures - Sizes and Types
Pasture Fencing
Pens and Facilities
Working in Corrals
Feeding Facilities
Equipment and Supplies
6 Feeding Cattlep. 81
Basic Nutrition
Feeding Forages (Roughages)
Nutritional Needs Vary
Winter Feeding
7 Keeping Cattle Healthyp. 99
Know What a Healthy Animal Looks Like
Bovine Respiratory Disease
Clostridial Diseases
Eye Problems
Foot Rot
Lump Jaw
Bony Lump Jaw
Mastitis in Beef Cows
Hardware Disease
Urinary Calculi (Bladder Stones)
Acidosis and Laminitis
Poisoning: Toxic Plants
Nitrate Poisoning
Internal Parasites
External Parasites
Skin Problems
Porcupine Quills
Strangulated Teat from Hairy Udder
8 Growing and Breeding Heifersp. 135
Feeding Weaned Heifers
Age at Puberty
When to Breed
Nutrition for the Pregnant Yearling
Basics of Reproduction in Cattle
Choosing the Bull and Getting the Heifer Bred
9 Care of the Pregnant Cowp. 147
Disease Prevention
Problems of Pregnancy
10 Calvingp. 161
Create a Safe Environment for Calving
Calving Facilities
Cold-Weather Calving
Handling Cows at Calving Time
Signs of Approaching Parturition
Minimizing Calving Problems: Getting the Calves Born Alive
First Things First: Get the Calf Breathing
11 Care of the Newborn Calfp. 195
First Breath
Care of the Umbilical Cord
Helping a Calf to Nurse
Importance of Colostrum
Helping in Different Situations
12 Calf Healthp. 209
Calfhood Immunity: The Role of Antibodies
Detecting Illness in Young Calves
Managing Scours
Treating Diarrhea and Gut Infections in Calves
Pneumonia in Young Calves
Diphtheria in Calves
Navel Infections and Joint III
Catching Calves for Doctoring
Using an Esophageal Feeder
Giving Oral Medications
Broken Bones
Birth Defects in Young Calves
13 Weaning the Calvesp. 243
The Importance of When You Wean
Stress of Weaning
14 Rebreedingp. 255
Feeding the Cow after Calving
Cow Fertility
Use of Bulls
Reproductive Behavior of Cows and Bulls
Breeding Ability of Bulls
Artificial Insemination
Glossaryp. 280
Resourcesp. 290
Metric Conversion Chartsp. 298
Indexp. 299