Cover image for The Prince of tennis. Vol. 40, The prince who forgot tennis / story & art by Takeshi Konomi ; [translation, Joe Yamazaki ; touch-up art & lettering, Vanessa Satone].
The Prince of tennis. Vol. 40, The prince who forgot tennis / story & art by Takeshi Konomi ; [translation, Joe Yamazaki ; touch-up art & lettering, Vanessa Satone].
Title Variants:
Prince who forgot tennis
Publication Information:
San Francisco, Calif. : Viz Media, [2011]
Physical Description:
186 pages : chiefly illustrations ; 19 cm.
General Note:
"First published in Japan in 1999 by Shueisha Inc., Tokyo."--Page facing title page.

This book is printed "manga-style", in the authentic Japanese right-to-left format.
V. 1. [without special title] -- v. 2 . Adder's fangs -- v. 3. Street tennis -- v. 4. The black unit -- v. 5. New challenge -- v. 6. Sign of strength -- v. 7. St. Rudolph's best -- v. 8. Change the script! -- v. 9. Take aim! -- v. 10. Seize the moment! -- v. 11. Premonition of a storm -- v. 12. Invincible man -- v. 13. Akutsu's pride/Ryoma's courage -- v. 14. Seishun's ultimate man -- v. 15. The Sadaharu-Kaoru pair -- v. 16. Super combo -- v. 17. Waltzing toward destruction -- v. 18. Ace in the hole -- v. 19. Tezuka's departure -- v. 20. Seishun vs. Rokkaku -- v. 21. Kikamaru's new step -- v. 22. Ryoma, awake! -- v. 23. Rikkai's law -- v. 24. The golden pair reunited! -- v. 25. And Shusuke smiles -- v. 26. Ryoma Echizen vs. Genichiro Sanada -- v. 27. Until the very last shot -- v. 28. The prince of tennis -- v. 29. The nationals begin! -- v. 30. The boys for Okinawa -- v. 31. A surprise strategy: Eiji plays singles -- v. 32. Two of a cunning kind -- v. 33. Kunimitsu in Kyushu -- v. 34. Synchro -- v. 35. Farewell, Hyotei Academy -- v. 36. A heated battle! Seishun vs. Shitenhoji -- v. 37. The terror of comic tennis -- v. 38. Clash! One-shot battle -- v. 39. Flare-up! Barbecue battle!! -- v. 40. The prince who forgot tennis.
"With Kunimitsu recovered and back on the team, Seishun enter the Nationals with their strongest lineup and defeat Okinawa's Higa Junior High in the opening round, Hyotei in the quarterfinals, and Shitenhoji in the semifinals. In the final round, they're up against Rikkai. Kunimitsu and Genichiro Sanada face off in the first match! These two top players have been anticipating this match for a long time. And now, the final phase of this ultimate showdown has finally arrived."--Page 4 of cover.
Audience/Reading Level:
Rated A for All Ages.


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Four-time consecutive U.S. Junior tournament champ Ryoma Echizen comes to Seishun Academy to further his reign as The Prince of Tennis. His skill is matched only by his attitude--irking some but impressing all as he leads his team to the Nationals and beyond!

Reads R to L (Japanese Style), for all age audiences.

The Prince Who Forgot Tennis : The match between Seishun captain Tezuka and Rikkai's Sanada blares on. Sanada takes his captain's advice and attacks Tezuka where he's most vulnerable. Has the captain of Seishun finally met his doom? Next, Kaoru and Sadaharu take on Rikkai's lethal pair. When they target Sadaharu, Kaoru has to pull out his Gyro Laser Beam to save the match. And Ryoma finally arrives at the arena! Unfortunately for Seishun, he's got a wicked case of amnesia.

Author Notes

A member of the tennis club in junior and senior high-school, Konomi submitted his work to Weekly Shonen Jump after graduation from university and was debuted in a special edition of the magazine in 1993 with TETSUJIN SEKAI ICHI KATAI OTOKO. In 1997, his COOL ~ RENTAL BODYGUARD manga became serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump, followed by THE PRINCE OF TENNIS in 1992. Because of THE PRINCE OF TENNIS, the number of children in Japan who have taken up tennis as a sport has increased exponentially, and the tennis club has become one of the more popular school clubs in junior high today, creating a huge boom for the game. An anime version of THE PRINCE OF TENNIS was created in 2001, and is still going strong.