Cover image for The train to impossible places : cursed delivery / P.G. Bell ; illustrations by Matt Sharack.
The train to impossible places : cursed delivery / P.G. Bell ; illustrations by Matt Sharack.
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Cursed delivery
First edition.
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New York : Feiwel and Friends, 2018.
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367 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm.
Eleven-year-old Suzy Smith joins the troll-operated Impossible Postal Express, but she botches her first delivery by stealing a cursed snow globe containing a boy who claims there is a plot to take control of the Union of Impossible Places.
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A middle-grade fantasy and nonstop adventure, The Train to Impossible Places by debut author P. G. Bell is as fun as it is full of heart, and the first book of a trilogy.

A train that travels through impossible places. A boy trapped in a snow globe. And a girl who's about to go on the adventure of a lifetime.

The Impossible Postal Express is no ordinary train. It's a troll-operated delivery service that runs everywhere from ocean-bottom shipwrecks, to Trollville, to space.

But when this impossible train comes roaring through Suzy's living room, her world turns upside down. After sneaking on board, Suzy suddenly finds herself Deputy Post Master aboard the train, and faced with her first delivery--to the evil Lady Crepuscula.

Then, the package itself begs Suzy not to deliver him. A talking snow globe, Frederick has information Crepuscula could use to take over the entire Union of Impossible Places. But when protecting Frederick means putting her friends in danger, Suzy has to make a difficult choice--with the fate of the entire Union at stake.

Author Notes

P. G. Bell is a native of south Wales, where he was raised on a diet of Greek mythology, ghost stories, and Doctor Who . He's had all sorts of jobs over the years, from lifeguard to roller coaster operator, but has always wanted to write stories for a living. His dream comes true with the publication of the Train to Impossible Places series. He currently works as a library assistant for Cardiff University and lives in Wales with his wife, Anna, and their two children.

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Publisher's Weekly Review

Hearing strange noises, Suzy, a physics-loving 11-year-old, wakes to find a train track being constructed through the middle of her house while her parents sleep. When a magical train passes through, Suzy steals aboard it and learns that it makes deliveries throughout the Union of Impossible Places, including "cities, realms, worlds, and dimensions, plus a few spaces no one can quite agree on a name for" using "interdimensional engineerin', a dash of magic, and a few bits of double-sided sticky tape" as well as fuzzics, which is "like physics, only fuzzier." After an enchanted snow globe on board begs for her help, Suzy finds herself in the middle of a power struggle involving secret political machinations that are hidden from the ordinary people of the Union. Though the story feels rushed in places and some characters are left undeveloped, this debut fantasy is full of imaginative locales and fun twists, and readers will enjoy the creativity of Bell's world and its look at how power left unchecked can corrupt. Ages 10-14. (Oct.) © Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved.

Horn Book Review

When Suzy Smith discovers a railroad run by trolls tracking through her familys living room, she doesnt think twice before climbing aboard to discover where the train is headed, and why. It turns out the train is the Impossible Postal Express, delivering mail to the Union of Impossible Placesall the weird and magical places that dont quite fit anywhere elseand Suzy cant wait to see more of it. However, having been deputized as a postal operative, Suzy faces a steep challenge: her first mission is to deliver a package to Lady Crepuscula, the most powerful sorceress in the Union. Bell sets a smart pace, guiding Suzy smoothly through one impossibility after another in a way that keeps readers off-balance without bogging them down in reality-based objections; spindly line drawings help picture the action. At the same time, Bell cannily reveals the superstructure of a plot that involves the fate of all the Impossible Places, and even finesses a particularly hard-to-swallow reversal in a way that makes sense. The entire edifice is constructed and torn down in less than twenty-four hours in Suzys timethe kind of efficiency and solid storytelling that a troll would admirewhile promising potential future adventures for Suzy. anita l. burkam (c) Copyright 2018. The Horn Book, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source, Inc. No redistribution permitted.