Cover image for Bird guide of North America : the best birding book for kids from a National Geographic bird expert / Jonathan Alderfer.
Bird guide of North America : the best birding book for kids from a National Geographic bird expert / Jonathan Alderfer.

Second edition.
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Washington, D.C. : National Geographic, [2018]

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208 pages : color illustrations, color maps ; 24 cm.
Learn how to identify more than 150 species of North American birds by sight and by sound, and by what they eat and where they live. Includes instructions on building a bird feeder and a birdbath.
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Fly into the world of birds in the most complete guide for kids to North America's birds, featuring range maps, cool facts, fun activities, and detailed descriptions and drawings by Jonathan Alderfer, one of the country's top avian experts and artists.

Kids can soar with peregrine falcons or hop with backyard sparrows or sing with robins in the pages of this engaging guide, perfectly leveled for kids just discovering these fascinating feathered friends. With beautiful photography and habitat snapshots, lots of the fun facts kids love, plus interactive birding activities and crafts, the newly updated and expanded guide is the perfect way to bring the fun and amazement of beautiful birds to junior birders. The guide features profiles of 50 of North America's most popular birds--including how and where they live and tips about how to spot, hear, and attract them--as well as mini-profiles of another 100 birds, for coverage of 150 bird species in all.

Author Notes

JONATHAN ALDERFER, artist and naturalist, is the resident birding expert at National Geographic. He is author and editor of numerous National Geographic birding books, including co-author of the top-selling Field Guide to the Birds of North America . He has served on the Maryland/District of Columbia Bird Records Committee and as associate editor of the American Birding Association's magazine Birding .

Table of Contents

Introductionp. 6
How to Use This Book!p. 7
Map of North America and State Abbreviationsp. 10
Getting Started as a Birderp. 12
Eastern Backyard Birdsp. 16
Eastern Backyard Habitatp. 18
Ruby-throated Hummingbirdp. 20
Blue Jayp. 22
Black-capped Chickadeep. 24
American Robinp. 26
Northern Cardinalp. 28
Eastern Backyard Mini-Profilesp. 30
Western Backyard Birdsp. 34
Western Backyard Habitatp. 36
Anna's Hummingbirdp. 38
Acorn Woodpeckerp. 40
California Scrub-Jayp. 42
Northern Mockingbirdp. 44
Bullock's Oriolep. 46
Western Backyard Mini-Profilesp. 48
City Streets and Parksp. 52
City Streets and Parks Habitatp. 54
Peregrine Falconp. 56
Ring-billed Gullp. 58
Rock Pigeonp. 60
European Starlingp. 62
House Sparrowp. 64
City Streets and Parks Mini-Profilesp. 66
Farms and Fieldsp. 68
Farms and Fields Habitatp. 70
Wild Turkeyp. 72
Great Horned Owlp. 74
American Crowp. 76
Barn Swallowp. 78
Eastern Bluebirdp. 80
Farms and Fields Mini-Profilesp. 82
Beach and Bayp. 84
Beach and Bay Habitatp. 86
Sanderlingp. 88
Herring Gullp. 90
Black Skimmerp. 92
Brown Pelicanp. 94
Ospreyp. 96
Beach and Bay Mini-Profilesp. 98
Birds in Perilp. 100
Birds in Peril in North Americap. 102
Birds in Peril Around the Worldp. 104
How You Can Helpp. 106
Southern Swamp and Bayoup. 108
Southern Swamp and Bayou Habitatp. 110
Wood Buckp. 112
Anhingap. 114
Snowy Egretp. 116
Limpkinp. 118
Barred Owlp. 120
Southern Swamp and Bayou Mini-Profilesp. 122
River and Marshp. 124
River and Marsh Habitatp. 126
Great Blue Heronp. 128
Bald Eaglep. 130
Belted Kingfisherp. 132
Common Yellowthroatp. 134
Red-winged Blackbirdp. 136
River and Marsh Mini-Profilesp. 138
Prairie and Plainsp. 140
Prairie and Plains Habitatp. 142
Killdeerp. 144
Red-tailed Hawkp. 146
Western Kingbirdp. 148
Black-billed Magpiep. 150
Western Meadowlarkp. 152
Prairie and Plains Mini-Profilesp. 154
Desertsp. 156
Deserts Habitatp. 158
Greater Roadrunnerp. 160
Costa's Hummingbirdp. 162
Harris's Hawkp. 164
Elf Owlp. 166
Cactus Wrenp. 168
Deserts Mini-Profilesp. 170
Western Mountainsp. 172
Western Mountains Habitatp. 174
Golden Eaglep. 176
Steller's Jayp. 178
American Dipperp. 180
Mountain Bluebirdp. 182
Western Tanagerp. 184
Western Mountains Mini-Profilesp. 186
Rock Star Birdsp. 188
Rock Star Birds of North Americap. 190
International Rock Star Birdsp. 192
Birds Behaving Badlyp. 194
How to Build a Bird Feederp. 196
How to Make a Birdbathp. 198
How to Build a Bird Nestp. 200
How to Draw a Birdp. 202
Glossaryp. 203
Indexp. 204
Find Out Morep. 206
Photo Creditsp. 206
Creditsp. 208