Cover image for Goldfish from beyond the grave / by Sam Hay ; illustrated by Simon Cooper.
Goldfish from beyond the grave / by Sam Hay ; illustrated by Simon Cooper.
Publication Information:
Penguin Group USA 2015

New York, New York : Grosset & Dunlap, an in imprint of Penguin Group (USA) LLC, 2015.
Physical Description:
106 pages : illustrations ; 19 cm.
General Note:
First printed in Great Britain in 2013 by Stripes Publishing.
Fizz, an undead goldfish that was flushed down the toilet, pesters Joe into helping him discover who his killer was before any of his fellow fish meet a similar fate.


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What happens when a beloved pet refuses to go through to the other side? The protector of undead pets may be a fish out of water this time.
Just when Joe thought things couldn't get any stranger, he is visited by Fizz, a zombie goldfish. Fizz was flushed down the toilet by his owner Danny's little sister, who doesn't realize that she's sent the fish to a watery grave. Fizz needs to ensure the truth is revealed before his fellow fish meet a similar fate. But how do you get a goldfish to rest in peace?

Author Notes

Sam Hay grew up in Scotland. A former journalist, she has written several children's books. She lives with her husband, two children and several pets in a small house with a big garden. Visit her website at or on Twitter @samhayauthor



"Three . . . Two . . . One . . . Go!" Joe shot away from the side of the swimming pool, like a great white shark on the attack. He swam away from the deep end--his arms cutting through the water--pausing just for a second to glance back. "Come on, Matt, what are you waiting for?" His best friend's head bobbed up next to him. "What are you waiting for, you mean?" And he hurtled past Joe, kicking water in his face. Joe spit out a mouthful and raced after him. "I'm on your tail," he yelled. He dodged past two old ladies swimming laps, and a couple of smaller kids practicing the breaststroke. But Matt was already halfway down the pool. Joe stuck his face in the water and raced on. He was gaining on Matt now, with just a few yards to go . . . But then something wobbled out in front of him. Joe collided with a small girl in water wings who was doing the backstroke. "Be careful over there!" shouted the lifeguard from the other side of the pool. "Sorry," muttered Joe. He could see Matt already in the shallow end, laughing and punching the air. He'd won! Joe groaned and swam over. "What took you so long?" said Matt, grinning. "Very funny!" said Joe. He gave a mischievous smile. "Actually, Matt, I forgot to tell you, the race was two pool lengths--not one!" "What?" "See ya!" Joe launched into the water and powered back toward the deep end. "Hey!" Matt began to chase after him, but the swimming ladies were in his way. He dodged them, and then got tangled up with Joe's dad and Toby, Joe's little brother, who was practicing underwater turns. "Sorry, Mr. Edmunds!" Matt called as he splashed past them. But Joe had already reached the other end of the pool. He was hauling himself up onto the side by the time Matt arrived. "Loser!" Joe smirked. "That was such a lame trick!" Matt climbed out of the water next to Joe. They sat, watching the swimmers and swinging their feet in the water. "Hey, guess what?" Matt said. "My cousin's fish have gone cannibal!" "What?" "You know Dan, my older cousin? Well, one of his goldfish has been eaten by another fish." "No way!" "One day it was swimming around in the tank with the others, the next it was gone. Swallowed whole . . ." "Gross!" "Dan's crushed. Fizz--the one that got eaten--was his first goldfish. He'd had him since he was little." "What kind of fish are the other ones? Piranhas or something?" asked Joe. "Nope, there's one guppy, but apart from that, they're just goldfish!" "Killer goldfish!" Joe grinned. He was just about to slip back into the water when he saw something dart past his toes. "Hey, what was that?" " Mmm ?" said Matt. Joe scanned the water. "I know it sounds crazy, but I think I just saw a fish . . ." "Yeah, that sounds crazy!" Matt gave Joe a shove, and he splashed back into the water, pretending to sink like a stone. Then he bounced off the bottom and shot back up, grabbing Matt's ankles and pulling him into the water, too. "Race you!" Joe shouted, pushing off and zooming down the pool. Matt gave chase, but Joe was ahead . . . until Toby decided he wanted to join in. "Hey, Joe," he called, paddling over and grabbing his big brother's arm. "Watch it!" yelled Joe. "I win!" Matt called as he hurtled past him. "Thanks a lot!" Joe glared at his little brother. Toby bit his lip. "Sorry, I just wanted to play." Dad called over to them, "Time to get out now, boys." "Five more minutes?" begged Joe. "You can stay in for two more minutes," said Dad. "Come on, Toby, shower time." "No!" Toby wailed. "That's not fair!" "Hey, Matt!" Joe shouted. "One last race?" "Sure! First one back to the deep end . . ." And he raced off. But just as Joe was about to swim after him, he spotted something streaking through the water. Then he felt something cold and slimy. Joe peered down. It was a fish--a slightly green goldfish! And it had suckered itself onto his toe. "Get off!" Joe yelped, trying to flick it away. But the fish held tight. Joe dunked his head into the water and grabbed his foot with both hands, but just as he went to pull the fish away, it let go. "Hello, Joe," it said, a stream of green bubbles popping out of its mouth. "I've been looking for you." Joe swallowed a mouthful of water in shock. Coughing and spluttering, he bobbed up to the surface. The fish followed, floating next to him. "Going somewhere?" it said sarcastically. Excerpted from Goldfish from Beyond the Grave #4 by Sam Hay All rights reserved by the original copyright owners. Excerpts are provided for display purposes only and may not be reproduced, reprinted or distributed without the written permission of the publisher.

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