Cover image for Prisoner of infinity : UFOs, social engineering, and the psychology of fragmentation / Jasun Horsley.
Prisoner of infinity : UFOs, social engineering, and the psychology of fragmentation / Jasun Horsley.
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UFOs, social engineering, and the psychology of fragmentation
Publication Information:
London : Aeon, 2018.

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xxiv, 300 pages ; 23 cm


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Using UFOs and the work of "experiencer" Whitley Strieber as its departure point, Prisoner of Infinity explores how beliefs are created and perceptions are managed in the face of the inexplicably complex forces of our existence. While keeping the question of a nonhuman and/or paranormal element open, the book maps how all-too-human agendas (such as the CIA's MK Ultra program) have co-opted the ancient psychological process of myth-making, giving rise to dissociative Hollywood versions of reality.

Prisoner of Infinity examines modernday accounts of UFOs, alien abductions, and psychism to uncover a century-long program of psychological fragmentation, collective indoctrination, and covert cultural, social, and mythic engineering.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgementsp. xv
Introduction: Conditioned to believep. xvii
Part I Passport To Manchuria
Chapter I Heaven Stormersp. 3
De-eroticized spirituality
Trauma and psychism
Religious taboo
Changing Images of Man
Sublimation and space travel
Chapter II An archetypal traumatogenic agencyp. 17
Norman O. Brown on Freud and the lost object
Child abuse & fragmentation
The author's quasi-memories of alien abduction
Author's background
Chapter III A life full of holes: daimonic defense and national securityp. 29
Donald Kalsched's Jungian model of dissociation and the self-care system applied to Strieber's "shattered mirror of expectation" and alien intervention
Chapter IV The infinite infant: the singularity & the resurrection of the bodyp. 41
Ray Kurzweil's dream of technological immortality
John von Neumann and aliens
Psychotic symbiosis between infant and mother
Strieber's implant
Astral projection
The sorcerer's double
Chapter V The secret guardianp. 51
Strieber's childhood memories from Communion
Missing father
Confinement in box
The Oedipus complex
Traumatic re-enactments
Chapter VI Martian dreamsp. 59
Writing psycho-history
Strieber's "Secret School" and trip to Mars
Out of body experiences and disowned sexuality
Inconsistencies in Strieber's official story
The mind-as-weapon
Psychosomatic stigmata
Chapter VII All work and no play: "Pain" & Strieber's missing summer of '68p. 73
Author's memories of father
Strieber's alleged intelligence connections
The Charles Whitman incident
His ties to The Process Church
Hypnosis session with Budd Hopkins
The parallels between 1968 and "Pain"
Chapter VIII A wound in the soul: the Master of the Key & the Oedipal Projectp. 85
The writing of The Key
Strieber's two masters
Mother bondage
The creation of cosmic narratives as response to infant trauma
Chapter IX Padre nostro castrato: the name of Whitley's gamep. 101
Strieber's justification of the visitors' "tough love," trauma as a means to force evolution
Strieber's PTSD and true hallucinations
Chapter X Whitley's baby: the unholy junction of 1968p. 109
Strieber's unexpected connections in London
Sinister coincidences
The Process Church again
Mind control and murder
Strieber and Carlos Castaneda's murky ties to intelligence
Part II Crucial Fictions
Chapter XI The ones who must lie: alien abduction & MKULTRAp. 129
Julian Jaynes and unconscious conditioning
The UFO and trauma reenactment
Alien abduction as a military "psyop," Whitley's "honey pot"
Chapter XII Finding the ground/leaving the ground: "Mind at Large" & the Overview Effectp. 141
Gold-panning as metaphor
The Huxleys and the rejection of the erotic dimensions of spirit and spirituality
Changing Images of Man
The Aquarian Conspiracy
Edgar Mitchell and the institute of Noetic Sciences
Chapter XIII Old seers, death defiers, open doors, & machine interventionp. 157
Carlos Castaneda's inorganic model
The Key
Ray Kurtzweil
John von Neumann and the Singularity
"The Open Doors"
Chapter XIV Transhumanism, space travel, galactic religion & The Keyp. 167
The Council of Nicea
William Sims Bainbridge's eternal life
Willis Harman's New Freemasonry
Earth as a death trap
The Rapture
Castaneda's art of dreaming
Escaping the Eagle
Chapter XV The Lost Boysp. 181
The transhumanists' Neverland of puer aeternus
Becoming the father
The industry of trauma
The Heaven carrot and the Hellfire whip
The lure of space travel
The trap of transcendental knowledge
A dream of Whitley
Chapter XVI New skin for old ceremony: community building & space industrializationp. 195
Getting up to date
House renovations and embodiment
A family Fabian conspiracy
NASA and Scenario Planning
Edgar Mitchell's psi-research
Not just any conspiracy
Author recruitment programs
Chapter XVII Skywalkers and Starkillers: the open conspiracyp. 211
Birth trauma and alien abduction
Sleep paralysis and anima visitations
The promise of space travel
Star Wars
Ronald Reagan, and the Empire's agenda
Chapter XVIII Close encounters of the carnal kindp. 225
The inner and outer dimensions of the UFO-psyche encounter
Black-ops and mind control
The overview effect and ritual sexual abuse
Sexualizing the divine encounter
The ultimate motivation of the illumineers
Afterword: Update: one fiction to rule them (UFO Disclosure Plan 2017)p. 235
Appendix: Delivering the Poison Secret: A Review of Whitley Strieber & Jeffrey Kripal's The Super Naturalp. 247
Notesp. 259
Referencesp. 273
Indexp. 283
About The Authorp. 300