Cover image for The future of terrorism : ISIS, Al-Qaeda, and the alt-right / Walter Laqueur and Christopher Wall.
The future of terrorism : ISIS, Al-Qaeda, and the alt-right / Walter Laqueur and Christopher Wall.
First edition.
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New York : Thomas Dunne Books/St. Martin's Press, 2018.
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vii, 261 pages ; 24 cm
Introduction: Terrorism and its future. The changes wrought by the fourth wave -- Part 1. History and the invention of terrorism -- 1. The history and emergence of modern terrorism -- 2. Writings on tyranny and the origins of the philosophy of the bomb. Russia's terrorism as a doctrine -- 3. Turkey, India, and the Russian example. Terrorism by Indian nationalists and former pacifists -- 4. Propaganda by the deed. Arms and the class struggle: Spain and the United States ; Terrorism and nationalism -- 5. The philosophy of the bomb and the Far Right. The Right Wing elsewhere ; The history of terrorism -- 6. Final remarks on the history of terrorism -- Part 2. Contemporary terrorism -- 7. The new face of terrorism. Why was IS successful? -- 8. A truncated history of IS. The Iraq War and the emergence of Al-Qaeda in Iraq ; How Iraqi politics created Islamic State ; The Arab Spring, Al-Qaeda, and Islamic State of Iraq and Syria ; The Jabhat Al-Nustra threat, the Khorasan Group, and the co-optation of Islamic State's credibility ; Stymied Iraqi reforms, Islamic State's decline since 2014, and the future of terrorism -- 9. Beyond Islamic State. Religion and a globalized decentralized ideology ; Al-Qaeda and Islamic State: battle of egos in the process of final victory ; The (not) forever war: what is beyond Islamic State? -- 10. The battlefields of the future. Yemen: a regional cold war fought through proxies ; Libya: a mosaic civil war ; Afghanistan: a legacy of failed state reconstruction ; Where to next? -- 11. Terrorism in Europe and in the United States. The lone-wolf phenomenon ; The foreign fighter flow ; The Islamic State threat to Europe ; The terrorism threat in the United States ; Terrorism going forward? -- Part 3. Reflections on terrorism -- 12. The culture of modern terrorism. IS and the nature of evil ; Jihad cool -- 13. Terrorism misinterpreted. Terrorism and the psychiatrists -- 14. Economic explorations of terrorism. Terrorist organizations as industrial activity ; Why is terrorism effective?: the club goods theory ; Terrorism as theater and the macro/micro divide within conflicts ; The economics of terrorism -- 15. Religious violence and terrorism. Suicide terrorism ; Refugees -- 16. Terrorism: the future. Lessons from the current wave of terrorism ; When terrorism prevails? ; So what about this current wave of terrorism? -- Epilogue: Terrorism under President Trump.
An expert on terrorism and an expert on counterterrorism answer the two questions everyone is asking about the rise of terrorism today: why is this happening, and when will it end?
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