Cover image for The advanced photography guide  : expert techniques to take your digital photography to the next level / David Taylor.
The advanced photography guide : expert techniques to take your digital photography to the next level / David Taylor.
First American edition.
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New York : DK, a Division of Penguin Random House LLC, 2018.

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192 pages : color illustrations ; 24 cm
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Includes index.
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Practical advice, equipment, and settings checklists, plus inspirational and instructive images for photographers with a basic technical grounding and level of experience who would like to take their digital photography skills and technique a step further.

Featuring a comprehensive range of topics from experimenting with lenses, exposure, and aperture to useful post-production techniques, easy step-by-step tutorials help you master the functions on your camera and develop exciting new techniques. As well as refreshing existing knowledge, you will learn more advanced skills, such as how to freeze movement, use filters, and create brilliant images from multiple exposures. You'll discover how to compose shots better, use simple framing and cropping techniques effectively, and explore light and shadow to create maximum impact. Inspiring suggestions for projects show how to explore themes ranging from close-ups and portraits to street scenes, landscapes, and the night sky, while useful tips and hints help you think creatively, tackle "difficult" subjects, and troubleshoot problems.

Packed with practical advice, handy equipment and settings checklists, and hundreds of inspirational and instructive images, The Advanced Photography Guide gives you the know-how and confidence to produce truly stunning images and develop your own style.

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Table of Contents

Introductionp. 8
About This Bookp. 10
1 Equipmentp. 12
Introducing Equipment Explaining Camerasp. 14
From Capture to Storagep. 16
Single Lens Reflex Camerasp. 18
Compact System Camerasp. 20
Explaining Lenses
Which Lenses?p. 22
Explaining Lighting
Lightingp. 24
Light Modifiersp. 26
Explaining Accessories
Camera Supportp. 28
Explaining file Formats
JPEG vs. Rawp. 30
2 Compositionp. 32
Introducing Compositionp. 34
Explaining the Rules of Composition
Composition Guidelinesp. 36
Explaining Color
Color Harmoniesp. 40
Applying Color
Using Complementary Colorsp. 42
Explaining Color
Color Temperaturep. 44
Applying White Balance
Setting White Balance for Creative Effectp. 46
3 Exposurep. 48
Introducing Exposurep. 50
Explaining Exposure Modes
Exposure Modesp. 52
Applying Program Mode
Fine-Tuning Exposurep. 54
Applying Aperture Priority Mode
Achieving Depth of Field in Landscapesp. 56
Simplifying Composition with Selective Focusp. 58
Applying Shutter Priority Mode
Action Shotsp. 60
Intentional Camera Movementp. 62
Applying Manual Mode
Creating a Stitched-Together Panoramic Imagep. 64
Applying Bulb Mode
Shooting Star Trailsp. 66
Explaining Metering
Exposure Meteringp. 68
Applying Spot Metering
Shooting at a Concertp. 70
Explaining Creative Exposure
Creative Exposurep. 72
Applying Multiple Exposure
Blending Multiple Photosp. 74
3 Focusingp. 76
Introducing Focusingp. 78
Explaining Autofocus
Autofocus Modesp. 80
Autofocus Pointsp. 82
Applying Continuous Autofocus
Back-Button Focusingp. 84
Explaining Manual Focus
How to Focus Manuallyp. 86
Applying Manual Focus
Focusing in Advancep. 88
Maximizing Depth of fieldp. 90
4 Lensesp. 92
Introducing Lensesp. 94
Explaining Focal Length
Focal Lengthp. 96
Applying Wide-Angle Lenses
Shooting Interior Spacesp. 100
Applying Standard Lenses
Shooting Street Photographyp. 102
Applying Telephoto Lenses
The Brenizer Methodp. 104
Explaining Speciality Lenses
Speciality Lensesp. 106
Applying Adapted Lenses
Using Adapted Lensesp. 108
Applying Tilt-Shift Lenses
Shooting Tall Buildingsp. 110
Explaining Macro Lenses
Shotting in Macrop. 112
Applying Extension Tubes
Focusing Closerp. 114
Applying Focus Stacking
Perfecting Focusp. 116
6 Filtersp. 118
Introducing Filtersp. 120
Explaining Exposure Control Filters
Exposure Control Filtersp. 122
Applying 10-Stop Filters
Creating Extreme Blurp. 124
Applying Graduated ND Filters
Balancing Different Amounts of Light in a Landscapep. 126
Explaining Effects Filters
Using Effects Filtersp. 128
Applying Polarizing Filters
Improving Visibilityp. 130
7 Flashp. 132
Introducing Flashp. 134
Explaining Built-In Flash
What is Built-In Flash?p. 136
Applying Slow Sync Flash
Using Flash in Low Lightp. 138
Explaining External Flash
Flash Effectsp. 140
Applying High-Speed Sync Flash
Using High-Speed Sync Flashp. 142
Explaining Manual Flash
Using Manual Exposure Flashp. 144
Applying Manual Flash
Manually Setting Flash Powerp. 146
Explaining Wireless Flash
Using Wireless Flashp. 148
Applying Multiple Flashes
Using Multiple Flashesp. 150
Applying Gels
Altering Flash Colorp. 152
8 Image Enhancementp. 154
Introducing Image Enhancementp. 156
Explaining Editing Software
Using Editing Softwarep. 158
Applying Dodging and Burning
Lightening and Darkeningp. 160
Applying Lens Correction
Correcting Subtle Flawsp. 162
Applying Sharpening
Adjusting Sharpnessp. 164
Explaining Monochrome Techniques
Black-and-White Photographyp. 166
Applying Monochrome Techniques
Changing Tonesp. 168
Applying the Brenizer Effect
Stitching Together Standard Photos and Panoramasp. 170
Explaining Layers
Working with Layersp. 172
Applying Layer Masks
Selective Adjustmentsp. 174
Applying Cross Processing
Adjusting Colorp. 176
Explaining Data Asset Management
Cataloging Imagep. 178
Applying Prints
Preparing to Printp. 180
Glossaryp. 182
Indexp. 186
Acknowledgmentsp. 192