Cover image for The whole foods cookbook : 120 delicious and healthy plant-centered recipes / John Mackey, Alona Pulde, MD, and Matthew Lederman, MD ; recipes by the Sarno Brothers of Wicked Healthy.
The whole foods cookbook : 120 delicious and healthy plant-centered recipes / John Mackey, Alona Pulde, MD, and Matthew Lederman, MD ; recipes by the Sarno Brothers of Wicked Healthy.
First edition.
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New York : Grand Central Life & Style, 2018.
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292 pages : color illustrations ; 25 cm.
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Whole Foods Market has long been synonymous with high-quality and healthy ingredients. Now, John Mackey, CEO and co-founder of Whole Foods Market, has teamed up with nutritional experts and leading chefs to create a cookbook inspired by these values. They know that cooking food yourself is the secret to changing your diet and sustaining a new lifestyle, and are sharing their favorite recipes that celebrate nutrient-rich, health-promoting whole plant foods.

The Whole Foods Cookbook philosophy starts with the basic tenet that the most important dietary change you can make is to eat more fruits and vegetables. To help you navigate the nebulous world of healthy eating, the authors have written a clear and friendly introductory summary of the Whole Foods Diet's principles, the essential 8 foods to eat, tips on setting up a stress-free kitchen, and more. You'll also find specific guides on cooking beans and grains, building flavors, and impressive techniques like sautéing without oil and roasting to add layers of flavor. But most tantalizing are their 120 recipes covering breakfast, smoothies, entrees, pastas, pizzas, healthy desserts, and more.

The ultimate goal of THE WHOLE FOODS COOKBOOK is to change your habits around eating and preparing food. In the midst of our busy lives, the last thing most of us need is an overly complicated diet. Get the basics right, learn to cook a few meals you love, and eat plenty of them. Once you become accustomed to the whole foods, plant-based lifestyle, you'll quickly gain the confidence to create your own delicious variations.

Author Notes

Alona Pulde is a family practitioner specializing in nutrition and lifestyle medicine. She developed the Lifestyle Change Program used for patients in the film Forks Over Knives and in her clinic, Transition To Health. She is the author of several books including Keep It Simple, Keep It Whole: Your Guide to Optimum Health and The Forks over Knives Plan: How to Transition to the Life-Saving, Whole-Food, Plant-Based Diet.

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Publisher's Weekly Review

Mackey, the co-CEO of Whole Foods Market, along with a team of nutritionists, double down on the benefits of a vegan, oil-free diet over 14 sprawling chapters, offering instruction and motivation along with 120 original recipes from the Sarno brothers (Wicked Healthy). There are lessons on such topics as enhancing flavor through healthful ingredient selection (using dried fruit instead of refined sugar, for instance) and techniques, such as sauteing vegetables in a splash of wine or broth instead of oils, and the proper assembly of "wellness bowls," which combine greens, grains, fruits, and seasonings into all-in-one meals. Five smoothie options, sans dairy, are provided, as well as a lengthy chapter featuring main dish salads, such as a pad thai with apples, carrots, and kohlrabi cut into matchsticks and mixed with an almond-chile sauce. Pasta is allowed, as long as it is whole grain, and a chapter titled "Family Meals" showcases penne carbonara with cauliflower, intensified with bits of smoked tofu. Beautiful photographs of fruits and veggies in a rainbow of colors enhance this wise and approachable guide to healthy eating. (Oct.) © Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved.

Table of Contents

John Mackey and Matthew Lederman, MD, and Alona Pulde, MD
Introduction: Kitchen Confidencep. x
Part 1 The Whole Foods Diet At Homep. xii
Chapter 1 The Whole Foods Dietp. 2
Chapter 2 The Essential Eightp. 12
Chapter 3 Making a Successful Diet Transitionp. 20
Part 2 The Recipes Chad and Derek Sarno of Wicked Healthyp. 24
Chapter 4 Be Prepared: Setting Up Your Stress-Free Kitchenp. 26
The Value of Mise en Placep. 27
Essential Cooking Toolsp. 28
Shopping Listp. 30
Chapter 5 Working with Beans & Grainsp. 32
Cooking Whole Grainsp. 33
Seasoning and Finishing Your Grainsp. 33
Whole Grains: Ratios & Cooking Timesp. 36
Spring Risotto with Peas & Mintp. 37
Wild Rice Pilaf with Squash, Pears, & Herbsp. 38
Winter Risotto with Butternut Squashp. 40
Cooking Beans & Other Legumesp. 41
Dried Legumes: Ratios & Cooking Timesp. 42
Gallo Pinto (Simple Beans & Rice)p. 43
Wicked Good Pot of Cassoulet Beansp. 46
"Refried" Cumin Black Beansp. 48
Ethiopian Lentilsp. 49
Indian Chickpeasp. 51
Chapter 6 Flavor Developmentp. 52
Working with Whole-Food Sweetenersp. 55
Fruit Pastesp. 56
Choosing Whole-Food Fatsp. 58
Sodium Reductionp. 59
Toasting Seeds and Spicesp. 61
Spicy Seed Blendp. 61
The World of Herbs and Spicesp. 62
Mum's Spice Blendp. 67
Asian Umami Spice Blendp. 68
Italian Umami Spice Blendp. 68
Flavor Bombsp. 69
Roasted Garlic Pastep. 69
Poached Garlic Pastep. 70
Onion Buttahp. 71
Concentrating Flavors Through Reductionsp. 72
White Balsamic Syrupp. 72
Chapter 7 Core Plant-Based Cooking Methodsp. 74
The Art of Steamingp. 76
Steamed Kale with Toasted Seedsp. 76
Spinach Gomae with Toasted Sesame Seedsp. 77
Spiced Sweet Potatoes with Green Onion Vinaigrettep. 77
Sautéing Without Oilp. 78
Building Flavor on the Grillp. 80
Greek Vegetable Kabobs with Tzatzikip. 81
Grilled Zucchini with Lemon & Herbsp. 83
Chipotle Grilled Cornp. 84
Roasting for Flavorp. 86
Roasted Cherry Tomatoes & Garlicp. 88
Balsamic-Glazed Red Onionsp. 91
Roasted Brussels Sprouts & Shallotsp. 92
Combination Cooking Methodsp. 93
Whole Roasted Spiced Cauliflowerp. 94
Low-and-Slow Cookingp. 96
Classic Celeriac Pot Roastp. 99
Baking in Saltp. 100
Carrot Loxp. 101
Chapter 8 Starting Your Day Off Rightp. 102
Making Your Own Nondairy Milksp. 103
Fresh Nut Milk or Seed Milkp. 104
Building Smoothiesp. 107
Green Energy Smoothiep. 107
PB&J Smoothiep. 110
Liquid Sunshine Smoothiep. 110
Cherry Cocoa Kicker Smoothiep. 111
Southern Comfort Smoothiep. 111
Building Breakfast Bowlsp. 112
Coconut Brown Rice Puddingp. 112
Overnight Oatmealp. 116
Mango Millet with Raspberries & Toasted Pistachiosp. 116
Plantastic Granolap. 117
Savory Scramblesp. 118
Pacific Northwest Mushroom Hashp. 118
Tofu Scramble with Spinach, Peppers, & Basilp. 120
Coconut & Potato Spelt Wraps with Mango-Habanero Pureep. 121
Building the Brunch Menup. 122
Whole Foodie Pancakesp. 122
Morning Dosasp. 126
Zucchini Migasp. 129
Carrot Lox Tartine with Cashew Cream Cheese, Capers, & Shallotp. 130
Ma's Wicked Good Zucchini Breadp. 133
Baked Tofu, Chimichurri, & Roasted Vegetable Clubp. 134
Chapter 9 Salads as Mainsp. 136
Building Green and Vegetable Saladsp. 138
Vibrant Veggie Gado Gadop. 138
Grilled Romaine Hearts & Vegetable Saladp. 139
Roots & Fruits Pad Thai Saladp. 143
Potato Salad with Grilled Onion & White Bean Aiolip. 144
Moroccan Kale & Hemp Seed Saladp. 145
Grain and Bean Based Saladsp. 146
Brown Rice Salad with Mandarin, Mint, & Jalapeñop. 146
Layered Hearty Bean Salad with Dijon Vinaigrettep. 149
Moroccan Barley & Cauliflower Salad with Harissa Vinaigrettep. 150
Chapter 10 Sauce It Up!p. 152
Dressingsp. 153
Cashew Ranch Dressingp. 156
Citrus-Miso Dressingp. 156
Strawberry-Chile Vinaigrettep. 157
Fig-Balsamic Dressingp. 157
Marinades and Saucesp. 158
Almond-Chile Saucep. 158
Spicy BBQ Tahini Saucep. 158
Jalapeño Cashew Sour Creamp. 160
Asian BBQ Saucep. 161
Pasta Saucesp. 162
Oil-Free Herb Pestop. 163
No-Oil Red Saucep. 164
Basic Cashew Cream Saucep. 165
Roasted Red Pepper Saucep. 167
Chapter 11 Bowl Mealsp. 168
Constructing Wellness Bowlsp. 169
Autumn Veggie Bowlp. 172
"Fried" Farro with Caramelized Fennel & Tofup. 173
Citrus-Sesame-Glazed Tofu Bun Chap. 174
Chickpea-Nut & Broccoli Satayp. 177
Summer Chopped Bowlp. 179
Spicy Hoppin' Johnp. 180
Soupsp. 181
Hot-and-Sour Soupp. 183
Dal with Toasted Spices & Coconutp. 184
Spring Minestrone Soup with Barleyp. 185
Coconut Lemongrass Soupp. 186
Zucchini Noodle Bowl with Green Onion & Misop. 189
Mushroom Chowda with Herbes de Provencep. 190
One-Pot Mealsp. 191
Veggie-Loaded Chilip. 193
Wild Mushroom & Kale Ragout over Soft Polentap. 194
Thai Curry Chickpeas, Collards, & Ricep. 196
Spanish Pisto with Potatoesp. 197
Kitchari with Warm Spicesp. 199
Sweet Potato Taginep. 200
Chapter 12 Family Mealsp. 202
Pasta Nightp. 204
Penne Carbonara with Cauliflowerp. 208
Pesto Linguini with Lots of Greensp. 210
Farfalle with Roasted Tomatoes, Leeks, & Lemon Saucep. 211
Building Casseroles and Layering Dishesp. 212
Roasted Eggplant with Cashew Cheesep. 212
Plant-Powered Lasagnap. 215
Building the Perfect Stir-Fryp. 216
Saag & Tofu Paneerp. 217
Stir-Fried Five-Spice Cauliflowerp. 218
Kung Pao Tempeh with Pineapplep. 221
Constructing Whole Foodie Veggie Burgersp. 222
Mushroom & Barley Burgersp. 223
Greek Burgers with Dill Hummus & Cucumber Relishp. 226
Beet & Bean Burgersp. 230
Portobello Sliders with Date Mustard & Grilled Endivep. 231
Chili Cheeze Friesp. 233
Pizza Partyp. 234
Whole Wheat Pizza Doughp. 234
Baguette Pizza with Artichokes, Hearts of Palm, & Roasted Tomatoesp. 237
Sweet Potato BBQ Pizzap. 238
Very Veggie Pizzap. 240
Taco Tuesdayp. 242
Sweet Potato Enchiladas with Jalapeño Cashew Sour Creamp. 242
Roasted Mushroom Tacos with Asian BBQ Sauce & Wine-Pickled Onionsp. 245
Rye Tacos with Slow-Roasted Beets & Avocado Salsap. 246
Chapter 13 Entertaining with Whole Foodsp. 248
Small Bitesp. 249
Tofu Bitesp. 250
Summer Rolls for All Seasonsp. 253
Herbed Apricot & Water Chestnut Lettuce Wrapsp. 254
Roasted Twice-Baked Potatoesp. 255
Dips and Spreadsp. 256
Grilled Peach Salsap. 256
Porcini-Walnut Pâtép. 261
Baba Ghanoushp. 262
Dill Hummusp. 262
Cashew Cream Cheesep. 264
The Whole Foodie Dinner Partyp. 265
Chapter 14 For the Sweet Toothp. 268
Quick Dessertsp. 269
Dark Chocolate Pudding Parfaits with Berries & Cacao Nibsp. 270
Easy Parfaitsp. 271
Vanilla Coconut Creamp. 271
"Supercede" Barsp. 272
Apricot-Ginger Bitesp. 273
Berry Port Compotep. 273
Whole Foodie Ice Popsp. 274
Poaching Fruitp. 276
Riesling & Orange Poached Pearsp. 277
Decadent Dessertsp. 278
Grilled Pineapple & Sorbet with Coconut & White Balsamic Syrupp. 278
Baked Strawberry & Apple Thyme Crumblep. 280
Roasted Apples with Chai Streusel & Almond-Date Syrupp. 281
Acknowledgmentsp. 282
About the Authorsp. 283
Recipe Contributorsp. 284
Endnotesp. 285
Indexp. 287