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9MM : guide to America's most popular caliber / by Robert A. Sadowski.
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Nine millimeters

9 mm :

guide to America's most popular caliber

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Zephyr Cove, NV : Gun Digest Books, an imprint of Caribou Media, [2018]

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270 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
"Follow the unlikely rise of the 9mm from its humble roots in the German Empire to America’s No. 1 pistol cartridge in 9mm: Guide to America’s Most Popular Caliber. A must-have reference for anyone remotely interested in the 9mm, author Robert Sadowski cuts through the myths and misconceptions about the cartridge and drills down why it is the top choice for American crime fighting, self-defense and competition"--Publisher's website.
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Gun digest.


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9MM: Guide to America's Most Popular Caliber is a must have reference book for the veteran shooter or collector and an indispensable resource for the neophyte looking to select a 9mm and understand cartridge performance for concealed carry, home defense or competition.

Inside, you'll find: Expert advice to select the right ammunition for your carry gun Options and range performance evaluations for practice and self-defense ammunition Available options in full-size, compact, sub-compact, and competition 9mm pistols Coverage of 9mm carbines Collector guns

Author Notes

Robert Sadowski has contributed to Gun Digest the Magazine Cartridges of the World and the Gun annual. He has also authored books on combat handguns and firearms maintenance, and writes for numerous firearms publications.

Table of Contents

Section I 9MM Origins
1 The Rise of the World's Most Popular Handgun Cartridgep. 5
2 A Pistol in Search of a Cartridgep. 9
3 Battle Tested Since World War Ip. 11
4 Law Enforcement Gears Up With the 9mmp. 17
5 Uncle Sam Rethinks the .45 ACPp. 21
6 The 9mm in Pop Culturep. 28
Section II Ballistics & Cartridges
7 9mm Specifications and Performancep. 36
8 Why the 9mm Beats the .40 S&W and .45 ACPp. 42
9 Current Trends in 9mm Ammunitionp. 46
Section III Guns
10 Iconic Nines: Game-Changing 9mmsp. 65
11 Wonder Ninesp. 97
12 The Striker-Fire Comethp. 109
13 9mm Subcompacts and Micro Pistols for Deep Concealmentp. 127
14 Cocked and Locked Nines - Single-Action 9mmsp. 146
15 Super-Sized Handguns - Braced Pistolsp. 157
16 Transitional-Trigger Nines - DA/SA Modelsp. 168
17 Rotary Barrel Ninesp. 183
18 Revolver-Inspired DAO 9mmsp. 188
19 Nines that Got Game - Competition 9mmsp. 192
20 Optics-Ready 9mm Handgunsp. 199
21 Wheelgun Nines-9mm Revolversp. 205
22 9mm ARs: Pistol-Caliber Firepowerp. 215
Section IV Accessories
23 Reflex Sights, Lights & Lasersp. 228
24 Carrying Heavy Metal - Holsters for Full-Size 9mmsp. 241
25 Suppressing the 9mm: Silencers Go Mainstreamp. 252
Section V Reloading
26 Reloading 9mm Ammo - Cranking Out Ninesp. 259
27 9mm Components - Powder, Bullets, Casesp. 261
28 Progressive Presses for High-Quantity Reloadingp. 268