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As you wish / Chelsea Sedoti.
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Naperville, IL : Sourcebooks Fire, 2017.

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417 pages ; 21 cm
In Madison, a small town in the Mojave Desert, everyone gets one wish that will come true on his or her eighteenth birthday, and Eldon takes his very seriously.


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If you could make one wish that was guaranteed to come true-what would you wish for? Rules for Wishing: - Never let an outsider find out about wishing. (Zip your lips and throw away the key.) - Wishes that would impact the world are off limits (i.e. no bringing back the dinosaurs). - Do no harm. (Murder = no bueno.) - No time travel. (What's done is done, pal.) - No bringing back the dead. (Come on. You've seen what happens in THE WALKING DEAD.) - NEVER BREAK THE RULES. (Seriously. We mean it. See Rule #7.) - There are always consequences. Madison is a small town in the Mojave desert on the road between nothing and nowhere. It's an unremarkable speck on the map, which is perfect for protecting the town's secret. Because in Madison, everyone can make one wish on their eighteenth birthday-and that wish always comes true.Most of Eldon's classmates have had their wishes picked out for months, even years. Not Eldon. He's seen how wishing has hurt the people around him. His parents' marriage is strained, his sister is a virtual ghost in their house, his ex-girlfriend is dating his ex-friend? where does he even begin? One thing is for sure: Eldon has only twenty-five days to figure it out-and the rest of his life to live with the consequences.

Author Notes

Chelsea Sedoti fell in love with writing at a young age after discovering that making up stories was more fun than doing her school work (her teachers didn't always appreciate this). In an effort to avoid getting a real" job, Chelsea explored careers as a balloon twister, filmmaker, and paranormal investigator. Eventually she realized that her true passion is writing about flawed teenagers who are also afraid of growing up. When she's not at the computer, Chelsea spends her time exploring abandoned buildings, eating junk food at roadside diners, and trying to befriend every animal in the world. She lives in Las Vegas, Nevada where she avoids casinos, but loves roaming the Mojave Desert. To read more about her adventures, visit"

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Publisher's Weekly Review

For 17-year-old Eldon, his windblown hometown in the Mojave Desert is "the kind of place you wanna leave as quick as you can." What it isn't, however, is ordinary: the town's residents are able to make a wish on their 18th birthday, which comes true. Eldon has 25 days to figure out what matters most to him, and everyone has an opinion (his mother pressures him to wish for the money they desperately need to save his sister, who is on life support). Eldon decides to research past wishes and their outcomes; third-person interludes appear between Eldon's first-person chapters, detailing various citizens' wishes. He discovers that most wishes have made the wishers' lives worse, and that a perfect wish may not exist. The countdown structure creates a natural hook, and Sedoti (The Hundred Lies of Lizzie Lovett) makes good use of her what-if premise to give readers much to consider. She successfully captures the feelings of uncertainty that come with nascent adulthood, the desire to leave home, and waiting for one's life to begin. Ages 14-up. Agent: Suzie Townsend, New Leaf Literary & Media. (Jan.) © Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved.

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